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Our Fees:

At Brit Solicitors we always pride on being transparent with our fees. Whenever possible, we provide a fixed fee.  We promise, not only to be cost effective but be honest and transparent with our fees.

   Initial interviews: We will offer you a free initial 15 mins consultation when you first enquire.

   If you require detailed advice before you proceed with your case with us, we can arrange an interview for a fixed fee that will be agreed with you in advance.

   At the initial meeting you can discuss full details of your case with our lawyer, which will give a clear understanding of what you wish to achieve, likely costs etc.


Fixed Fee:

   Where possible, we will quote you a fixed fee in advance for our legal work on your case.

   Where it is not possible to provide a fix fee, we will provide a break down of the work in stages and give you the cost of each stages of work we do for you.

   Where there are other costs such as VAT, court fees, barristers fees etc, we will be clear from the beginning so that you can budge your likely costs for your case, without any surprises.

   Also if your instructions changes and we are instructed to undertake legal work which is different to what we agreed, we will advise you in advance and agree a revised fixed fee if possible. 

   Fee quotes are always exclusive of VAT which is currently charged at 20%


Our Fixed Fees

Our fee payment requirement : We will require 50% payment of our fees agreed at the time of engagement of our services.

Note* our fees as highlighted below does not include disbursements such as court fees, barristers fees or any other 3rd party fees which the client(s) would need to pay on top of our fees, unless you are eligible for exemptions.

Clear Estimate : Where we cannot give you a fixed fee quote, we will always give you a clear estimate of your likely costs. We aim to be cost effective, transparent and honest with your fees.

Our Fixed Fees are as follows:

Immigration Services

(Vat is not payable for non UK residents)


Visit Visa

From £650

Marriage Visitor Visa

From £750

Entry Clearance application for Fiancé/Spouse/ Civil Partner/ Unmarried Partner

From £800

Switching/Extension of Visas as Fiancé/Spouse/Civil Partner/ Unmarried partner 5-year Route

From £800

Switching/Extension of Visa – Leave to Remain Spouse/Civil Partner/ Unmarried partner / Parent Route – 10-year Route

From £800

ILR Application Spouse/Civil Partner/ Unmarried partner/Asylum

From £1000

ILR for Domestic Violence Victims

From £1200

Private Life Application

From £1000

Any Dependants applying with main applicant for ILR on any of the above categories

From £200 per Dependant

Any Dependants applying separately for ILR on any of the above categories

From £600 per Dependant

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Entry Clearance Applications

From £1700

Extension for Tier 1 Entrepreneur

From £1400

ILR for individuals on a Tier 1 Entrepreneur

From £1400

Any Dependants applying with main Tier 1 Entrepreneur applicant

From £200

Any Dependants applying separately from the main Tier 1 Entrepreneur applicant

From £600

Tier 1 Investors Visa – Entry Clearance

From £1700

Extension of Tier 1 Investors Visa

From £1400

ILR for Tier 1 Investors Visa

From £1400

Any Dependants applying with main Tier 1 Investor applicant

From £200

Any Dependants applying separately from the main Tier 1 Investor applicant

From £600

SET LR application for Long Residence

From £1000

British Citizenship – Adult

From £600

British Citizenship – Child (Form MN1)

From £500

British Citizenship – Child (Form T)

From £650

EEA Family Permit Application

From £900

EEA Registration Certificate Application

From £500

EEA Family Members Residence Card

From £800

EEA retention of Right Application

From £900

EEA Permeant Residence Card

From £1000

EEA Extended Family Members Application

From £900

EEA Derivative Right of Residence Application

From £1200

First Tier Tribunal Appeal

From £1200

Permission to Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal

From £500

Permission to Appeal to the Upper Tribunal

From £600

Administrative Review Application Inside UK

From £70

Administrative Review Application Outside UK

From £650

Bail Applications – Temporary Admission Application (Immigration Bail)

From £600

Bail Application (B1)

From £800

Asylum Applications

From £700

Asylum – Family Reunion Application

From £750

Out of Rules Human Right Applications

From £850

ILR for 6 years Discretionary Leave application

From £1200

SET (P) application

From £1000

NTL Application

From £400

Completing British Passport application

From £250

Travel Document Application

From £300

Subject Access Request Application

From £200

Other  (If your immigration requirement is not listed above, please contact us, as we cover all immigration, nationality and human rights matters)



Immigration Disbursements:
The above fees does not include disbursements which are costs/fees paid to 3rd parties such as Home Office, Home Office IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge) Immigration Tribunal Services, Barristers, or expert witness etc.

Residential Conveyancing ( fix fee basis)

Freehold Residential


Our Fee

For Sale price up to £150,000

£500 + Vat

For Sale price up to £350,000

£1,100 + Vat

For Sale price up to £650,000

£1500 + Vat

For Sale price up to £1,000,000

£2000 + Vat


Disbursements :
The above does not include disbursements which are cost payable to 3
rd parties such as Banks, Land Registry etc.  An estimate of these charges are:

1.          Official Copies £3 each

2.          Electronic Bank TT charges £25 per transaction + VAT

3.          AML checks charges             £50

4.          SDLT (depending on the value of the property)

5.          Land Registry Fee (depending on the value of the property)

6.          It will also include costs payable to 3rd parties such as indemnity policies etc.


Commercial Conveyancing
Please contact our office for our charges for details on our other commercial conveyancing areas ie;

1.          New Commercial Leases

2.          Assignment of Lease

3.          Deed of Surrender

4.          Licence


Family Matters

Our Fee


From £500 + Vat

Financial Settlement ( initial application)

From £850 + Vat

Consent Orders

From £600 + Vat

Domestic violence matters

From £1000 + Vat

Injunctions, including occupation orders and non-molestation orders

From £1000 + Vat

Child Contact

From £1000 + Vat

Criminal Matters Fixed Fees (Where clients are not eligible or suitable for Legal Aid): Our fixed fee will be provided upon assessment of your case by our senior criminal lawyers. This will be based on the complexity of the work and the amount of time it is likely to take with your case. The fee does not include the costs of instructing barristers unless you agree from the outset.

Criminal Case: Dealt with by our experienced/ Senior Lawyers 

Magistrate Court

Suitable Crown Court Cases

Guilty pleas

£850 + VAT

£1500 + VAT

Each further adjourned hearing

£550 + VAT

£700+ VAT

Not guilty pleas (one-day trial)

£1700+ VAT

£220 +VAT

Trial each further day

£650 + VAT


Benefit Fraud Case: Advise and attend at a Benefit Fraud or over payment interview.





Our Fee Earners – Hourly Rate

                     Partners / Directors:    £300

                     Consultants £250

                     Senior Solicitors/Lawyers – £250 – £300

                     Associates  £250

                           Executives / Advisors  £ £180 – £200

                     Junior Solicitors  £200

                           Trainee Solicitor  £150

                     Paralegal  £150 – £180